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    PRICE: 220$

    In important party banquets or Tet gifts you want a high quality wine to make a good impression on everyone so that the work can be more smoothly. Bottega Gold is perfectly suited to that. Wine made from Glera (Prosecco) grape, a popular grape in Italy, has a gentle alcohol content of 11% along with a unique flavor that will make users swoon in just the first sip.
  • Casablanca Cefiro Reserva

    PRICE: 75$

    Chilean wine Casablanca Cefiro Cabernet Sauvignon is soaked for 12 months in oak barrels and 3 months matured in bottles, creating a rich wine bottle with a harmonious and attractive flavor.

    PRICE: 280$

    CHAMPAGNE MOET & CHANDON IMPERIAL ALCOHOL: Champagne Moet and Chandon Imperial are blended Champagne (Blend Champagne), made from 30 _ 40% Pinot Noir, 30 _ 40% Pinot Menniel and 30% Chardonnay Moet & Chandon is an elegant Champagne-yellow Champagne with amber color, strong passionate flavor with Fruity flavor, with the taste of ripe Peaches and a little spicy of Orange peel lingering in the back of the throat. when drinking _ An elegant and elegant taste Champagne Moet & Chandon Imperial is suitable for use with white meat, seafood, bread, or at major sports award ceremonies. Product name: Champagne Moet White & Pink Colors: Pink and White Bottle capacity: 750 ml Alcohol content: 12.5% Bottling specifications: 6 Bottles / Carton Smell: A light aroma of boiling Raspberry, a little spicy of Orange peel and Green pepper Taste: Quite dry, sweet and tastes of summer fruit Origin: Goods imported from France by Hennessy Moet
  • Chateau Begadan

    PRICE: 130$

    Chateau Begadan Cru Bourgeois is a premium bottle of French Bordeaux wine. It is a rare bottle of gold that received a gold medal at the Concours Mondial wine award in Brussels in 2016. A product of Chateau begadan winemaker. A reputable winemaker in France. With a grape growing area of up to 28 hectares. This vineyard has gone through many generations of ownership of the Sallette family.
  • Chateau De Beau Rivage

    PRICE: 85$

    Beau Rivage is considered one of the most famous wine bottles in the world. Because it is the offspring and also named after a cult winemaker in France Deau Rivage. This is also the name of a famous place associated with the winemaking business. The name means beautiful sandy beach, bringing with you all the romance and charm inherent before you can taste it.
  • Comte Des Borie

    PRICE: 65$

    Comte des Bories Bordeaux is a red Ruby, having a charming aroma of red and black berries, plums, red grapes and raspberries, oranges with soft tannins on the palate and elegance while enjoying.
  • Delas St Esprit

    PRICE: 95$

    Cotes du Rhone Saint Esprit is soft and smooth with a strong fruit flavor in the palate. Alcohol brings a soft, smooth lips when enjoying and ends with a gentle, lasting aftertaste of fruit.
  • SPARKLING Pol Remy Ice

    PRICE: 130$

    Sparkling Pol Remy Ice is a very special bottle of champagne of France. You will notice the bottle right from the first glance when you step into any wine or restaurant. Because the whole bottle of wine is covered with a pure and striking white. This special bottle is made from the special French grape variety Aïren-Ugni Blanc-Colombard. It received many excellent reviews and also quite a lot of awards at home and abroad.
  • WINE- pudu

    PRICE: 80$

    T he birth of Pudu wine comes from the world’s smallest deer, the pudu of the Deer Deer family (Cervidae), which is on the brink of extinction due to loss of habitat and threats from other animals. To preserve this pudu deer, winemaker Concha y Toro created a wine line called Pudu, a logo printed with a picture of the pudu deer, with the aim of raising money from wine to protect this species. Concha y Toro was founded in 1883 by Don Melchor Concha y Toro. The winery is still family owned and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.